«Siberian film commission» is a non-commercial organization founded in September 2013, which attracts filmmakers to filming in Siberia. The commission is a long-term partner at all stages of production and rental of films, offers local experience and reliable work in the region.

Geography of the project:

  • Krasnoyarsk Region, Trans-Baikal Region, Republic of Buryatia,
  • Irkutsk Region, Republic of Tuva, Republic of Khakassia,
  • Kemerovo Region, Republic of Altai, Altai Region,
  • Novosibirsk Region, Tomsk Region, Omsk Region.

The organization operates as a coordinating intermediary, interested in attracting real financial investments into the region at the expense of Russian and foreign film-producing companies, and promotes productive interaction between the local administration and the film community.

We offer our services and support of film projects at all stages of production, thus, creating favorable conditions for the smooth filming process, which certainly contributes to attracting leading film companies of Russia to Siberian region.

The main objective for the "Siberian Film Commission" is to attract Russian and foreign investors to finance the production, distribution and display of films, as well as to provide services to film companies on the principle of "one window":

  • coordinate the objects for filming;
  • Accelerate and facilitate the process of obtaining permits to conduct filming;
  • ensure the employment of local qualified personnel;
  • provide specialists who provide a full range of services for the editing and tinting period;
  • interact with regional organizations and authorities on the conduct of filming.