If the commission approve the company's application for a rebate, between the organizations further actions take place:

  • Concludes an agreement in the assistance of the film commission in the film company filming in the region;
  • The film company is making a film in the region;
  • With the end of filming, the film company provides the film commission the report package of documents confirming the amount of actually incurred expenses for the production of the film on the territory of the region;
  • The commission determines the reporting documentation and determines the volume of the returned share for a particular film company (up to 20% of actually incurred costs);
  • Between the film commission and the film company concludes an agreement for the allocation of funds from regional budgetary allocations;
  • The film commission transfers the returned funds to the film companies, in case they have already been put into the annual budget. In the opposite situation, funds are transferred after approval of the regional budget for the next calendar year.